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Out of the box

Part of the development of information technology to bring creativity and technology together.

Web Apps Development

We offer a complete range of cutting-edge web apps development services to empower your business to surge ahead of the competition. We provide various web development services such as custom website design and programming, website maintenance, web app development, e-business and e-commerce solutions, enterprise portal development, web-based database programming, and Content Management System (CMS) solutions.

UI / UX Design

Catering to various clients, we offer both the conceptualization and production of visual communication tools ranging from prints, video, environment and ambience design. Our vision is to be a one-stop-creative-solution that derives, develops and execute ideas into accountable productions which are reasonably budgeted and on time. With a modern and open mind – along with our fullest dedication – we are prepared to be your partner in competing in today’s global race.

Mobile Apps Development

Amoeba’s analytics dashboard displays important data insights from your campaigns. You can now monitor and select the relevant performance data in your campaigns with customizable interface so you can construct the best strategies for your business!


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