Out of the box

Out of The Box

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Out of the box

Do you get bored with the routine of office work stupid every day, your ability to feel under-appreciated, there is no challenge that can stimulate your geek adrenaline? I found you

You don't work as our employee, but you work as your self with us as partner.

Join available criteria

Developer / Creative Artist

Geek in one of fields programming / software developer like specifics PHP, Go, Java, Android, iOS, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Premier. Or globally in web, mobile and creative media.

Project Management

Understand how an program work, analyze the requirement into wired document / stretch, manage project time line, know the agile and scrum methodology.

Business Person

Experienced pitching a project kick off with clients, make meeting with intrapersonal skills, create a document support for project like proposal, presentation, negotiation, and make deal with client.

Infrastructure / IT Operation

Knows how computer interact with each other, between software and hardware, from low level to middle level the computing works.

Join Amoeba

Overview the plan

You can join as our team even though you are still working as an employee in a company, trade, students, civil servants in any profession, who we are.

If you join with us as, we call you Bacteria you don't have effort anything before we give you a project:


First, register your self as Bacteria so we screening your environment for next project.

Negotiate Deal

We make a deal for every specific project, you are free to determine the price that you want with term and condition. Like down payment, work method, space, etc

Work Together

After dealing, we work together as team in some projects with a job that suits your skills and abilities

Got Paid

Noted here, in accordance with the previous agreement that has been agreed upon, of course because you work for yourself with us.